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St Jacques Equestrian

Sponsorship Opportunities

St Jacques Equestrian is proud to have represented many wonderful companies and helped to promote their products. We believe in every product we represent and believe it is the best product for our horses. We are experienced horse people that are constantly looking for better ways to care for our horses and help them reach peak performance levels. If you have a company, business or product that you would like to see grow and be spotlighted in a high performance and competitive environment, please contact us and we can work together to create a relationship that will take your product to a whole new level.

Thank You to all of our Current Sponsors!

Please take the time to follow the links below and learn more about some of our Sponsors.

Pixie soaps is a company that makes products that are simple and beautiful. They make all natural products that are hand made with love and the desire to inspire happiness. One of our favorite products is Pixie Soaps All Natural Leather Conditioning Tack Butter. It is like no other leather conditioner on the market. It does not get sticky and it smells great. There are no chemicals in Tack Butter so it is safe to use without gloves and it is even a great skin moisturizer! Also, with the sale of every Tack Butter, a portion of the profits go to help the recovery of Lee Lee Jones. This is an amazing company that is providing wonderful products and giving back to the equestrian community. Shop for all of their products right on their website at

World Equestrian Brands offers world class, high performance equestrian products with hassle free, personalized service backed up by a team of riders. To find out more about the products they carry and how their experienced and educated staff can help you, please visit

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2010 Horse Radio Network

Check out the 2010 Radio Show! The weekly radio show (podcast) that brings you all the news and interviews about the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Lexington, Kentucky. Look here to find all of the latest and important WEG news! Listen every week as the horse world gets ready for 2010!

Pierre St Jacques is the Spotlight dressage rider for the 2010 Radio Show! Check it out at

To listen to the latest podcast interview with Pierre go to